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Consultation Services
Educational services
Legal support services
Conferences and workshops

Vida Digna offers conferences and workshops to university groups and service providers in the U.S. and Guatemala on indigenous culture, social reintegration of migrants, Mayan cosmovision, and complementary economics.

Vida Digna has trained interpreters, including Spanish to English, K´iche to Spanish, and Mam to Spanish. Interpreters possess extensive experience in legal interpretation for immigration cases (asylum, SIJS, etc.).

Coordination of educational groups

Vida Digna designs educational trips as short as two to five days, as well as multi-week student delegations visiting Guatemala.

In partnership with local community groups, the Collective coordinates conferences and community visits. Vida Digna tailors activities to the educational aims of the delegation.

Previous groups have studied migration and deportation and have engaged in community service within a framework of cross-cultural understanding.Se coordinan conferencias y visitas a comunidades en conjunto con grupos comunitarios. Para cada grupo preparamos un viaje personalizado, d
ependiendo de sus necesidades educativas.

Vida Digna has trained translators, including Spanish to English, K´iche to Spanish, and Mam to Spanish. Areas of specialization include legal cases, educational materials, social campaigns, among others.  

Expert declarations

The Collective includes four experts on the topics of discrimination against indigenous people, intrafamilial violence, and children without family protection. Our declarations have served in US immigration courts and family courts.       

Interviews and research support

Vida Digna welcomes researchers who want to work in solidarity with indigenous migrants in different contexts. The Collective collaborates on local, regional and international research.

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