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Our Work

Vida Digna's work divides into two principal areas --- migration and culture --- and four programs (integrales).

Click the titles to read more about each program.


Photo by Vida Digna.

Since 2010, the Collective has worked with young people affected by migration. Together, we support youth and their families in seeking a dignified life. In particular, Vida Digna focuses on serving young unaccompanied migrants who have been detained in the U.S. and Mexico and are returning to Guatemala. In 2013, Vida Digna expanded its services to include transnational advocacy, scholarly research, and strengthening U.S.-Guatemala partnerships.


Photo by Vida Digna.

Vida Digna works to revitalize wisdom shared across generations. The Observatory hosts researchers with experiential, scientific, and historical knowledge of Mayan culture.

This program is dedicated to advancing the knowledge of Mayan cosmovision and the practice of Mayan spirituality, particularly as it relates to the development of life and relationships between people, nature and the cosmos.  

These interdisciplinary initiatives value and promote ancestral indigenous authorities in the areas of health, justice and community cohesion. Through education and entrepreneurship, the Collective also seek to strengthen young people's skills and employment prospects.   

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