A Dignified Life in Guatemala

Vida Digna is a Mayan organization in the western highlands of Guatemala dedicated to affirming indigenous identities. Vida Digna supports young people, women and families from the countryside to fulfill their potential and to support the growth of their communities. To learn more about our work, please read our 2020 Annual Report.


Vida Digna focuses on two principal areas: migration and culture.

Photo by Vida Digna.

Photo by Vida Digna.

Vida Digna reunifies children with their families after transnational migration and forced return to Guatemala. We support their reintegration into community life. 

Mayan culture is the foundation of the Collective's efforts. Vida Digna values the knowledge and practices of the communities we serve.







Hours of capacity building with youth


Consultations and presentations

Photo by Vida Digna.

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